New recordings

November 01, 2007

I spent the end of 2007 working on some proper recordings of a couple of songs I've been playing, it's been good to finally get them together and hopefully I'll be adding more to the site soon and put some samples up on the site.

I was recording with Iain at Offbeat, as well as doing the recording Iain played a mixture of accompaniment, and I'm really pleased with the results. Being in the studio was a lot of fun, Iain made the process really easy and was great with suggestions and helping me to bring out the sounds from my head into the songs, especially as I am so used to just hearing songs I play as me and a guitar. First of all, the cover of the ABBA classic 'Take a Chance on Me', because in the end it sounds like I hoped it could with some extra orchestration and making it a bit more dynamic than when it's just me, but also with my own song 'In 3/4 Time' which I'd been working on and playing at home, but hadn't really thought a lot about how it would come together as a full band song, I think it's worked well, the song still feels very fresh even though I've been playing it acoustically for a while.

Hopefully I'll be adding more songs in 2008, and they'll get added to the site too, so stay tuned! Or sign up to the mailing list!